Love America? Thank an Immigrant.

Yes. The United States was founded and populated by foreigners. Sure, lets call them immigrants, that IS the socially correct term.
The people who make this nation are from all nations, but unless the people can quit trying to force personal tradition upon their neighbors, OR exclude nationalities from everyday life or functions.
Furthermore, those coming to this country need to do it LEGALLY, the steps should be the same for everyone, yet instead, the good ole USA is giving away drivers licenses to illegals, so they can go to work.
They call it Racial profiling when you look at a gang of folks dressed suspiciously, and hiding in shadows. Seriously, WHAT good deed could they be up to?
The courts, and government CAUSE racism to be spawned at every corner of our society.
They even say this country was built on Christianity, and God… 2 things that disgust me the most, brainwash the most people, and cause the most harm.
I am convinced that if you were to remove religion, & government from society. there would slowly be a change for the better.
We could truly find a peace between ourselves.


Hypocrisy and the double standard of life (Edited)

Yes… Here it is…Raw, & uncut and without remorse.
This article is a bit over the top, but it really does hit the nail squarely on the head.
Personally I am not racist, however,,, I do not tolerate this double standard.I have found that it IS those racist folk that always play that tactic first, point and claim racism when it’s really themselves to blame.
THE USA is a big problem. It’s a cesspool of racial and religious difference, practicing to punish those that don’t conform to certain social statutes…

I don’t blame the blacks for hating white people, after all it was a continent of crackers that made black folks their slaves. Traded like cattle, and treated worse. No matter what the apology, I would not find it easy to let that go either. Sad part is, It doesn’t have to be that way. Only shallow and unintelligent creatures cannot learn from their mistakes. Why has society allowed this cruel and disrespectful treatment of fellow humans to continue into our future? Can’t you see that WE humans are still People no matter what color, what origin?

Think about this…
It’s NOT Racism UNLESS you hate them ALL
It’s OKAY to NOT LIKE someone.

What gives anyone the right to oppress, or condemn another human being?
Why has MONEY allowed society to dictate who makes the rules, who is allowed to succeed and who must fail?
I speak of Americans, because here in the USA, the people come from all walks of life, all colors, languages, and religions. WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT. but it’s those that have some kind of complex, inhibiting honest and moral thought that screw it all up for everyone.
Your family should teach you values, you respect with your heart, you hate with your mind.

Your Black Patriarch, Monarch, Deity, King, Czar, Führer, what ever you want to call him is hated because of who HE is, not what color, I don’t care that he’s black. I resent what he is doing and what he has allowed to be done to this country.
I resent his lies, his suspicious background and his ethics.
I resent his audacity to claim presidency when clearly he defies the constitution and its law.
But I do NOT resent him for being Black.
In fact, I find it sad that this nation’s first colored dictator will most likely be its last because of how Effed-up this one is. Uno, 1 rotten apple will spoil the barrel. lol. Well our govt as a whole has spoiled and should be taken out with the compost.
And,,, I’m off topic AGAIN..

Give this article a read, YA, its lewd, and rude, but it is right..
Enlighten your self.

Who are you?

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

― Oscar Wilde

In today’s society everyone is so busy trying to be socially or politically correct that we have forgotten who we are.
I personally do not respond well to socialism, I say what I think, and act on how I feel. Does that make me rude, anti-social, or just plain disrespectful? 
NO… it most certainly does not. It makes me, and others like me the honest folk on this planet. It makes those of Us not trapped by social rules and financial fascism the ones that can be honest with ourselves.  If you cant be honest with yourself, then you can never be honest with the world.
It’s NOT what we say that defines Us, It’s our actions that spell out our auto-biography. 
Why do you stand in line for hours, or sit in a doctor’s lobby for an hour waiting for an appointment? DON’T you think that your as important as they are? Why don’t you require them to treat you with more respect instead of boxed up packed in like sheep waiting to be sheered.
I am sorry, I keep using the term YOU instead of Us or We. But I am not guilty of being a sheep, or part of ANY flock for that matter. I send the doctor a bill when I sit in his office for more than 10 minuets. I make reservations at a restaurant instead of waiting at the door for a vacant feed-bag. I REFUSE to shop at Walmart, instead I shop at the smaller, local stored that are vacant, NO LINES AT CHECK-OUT because YOU think by supporting China, you will save a buck or 2 and choose to stand in line, like a slave to wait for your bargain. 

Stand up for yourself. Dont let the public dictate to you who your supposed to be, what your supposed to do, and who your supposed to hang out with.
Be who you want to be, not who someone else thinks you should be.

Most importantly, YOU are the Boss of  your life, not the public, Not the Government, Not the social Committee and certainly Not the Grammar Police.