The End is Nigh! Or isn’t it?

The End is Nigh! Or isn't it?.

Why is is always about saving the planet? The planet will be fine, no matter what we do to it.
It’s Us, Humanity that need to be saved. Saved from ourselves, and by saving ourselves, the planet will remain inhabitable for mankind. rite?
Using the excuse to save the planet only masques the real importance of SAVING YOUR OWN LIFE. Lets not start a panic here tho, we have at least 1 generation left in us humans’ before we succeed in changing our DNA permanently through cancerous agents.
Everything we do comes back around in nature, our food, water and air are toxic, yet we believe what we are told because a news celebrity said so.
Turn OFF your TV will ya…
The Earth will be just fine unless we find some way to physically blow it to pieces, or something.
I would like to live a while, be able to breathe clean air, drink good clean water, and not have to wonder what is in my food that will cause CANCER!
Humanity is in danger, your life, mine, our children and friends. All living things are in danger. Not from just evolution where one species or another become extinct, but when the entire populations are threatened with genocide. Because we are lazy… That’s all.. Lazy Humans will be responsible for their own demise unless we can collectively pull our heads out of our butts and realize life is NOT about WHAT. It’s about HOW.
How do we SAVE OURSELVES, and thus save the planet from OUR extinction.
You cannot save the planet. We have to save ourselves.


20 Amazing Honey Bee Facts!

20 Amazing Honey Bee Facts!.

The tiny little bee, an insect that many people fear, kill, and run from. Bees Honey Bees in general are generally non-aggressive, until you upset them by invasion of some kind.

Bee’s are such a major contributor to our life, they go un-noticed as they pollinate flowers and trees, the plants we eat from are pollinate by bees. if the bee was no longer doing it’s job, there is a good chance that every species of life on this planet could suffer.

Saving the bee’s is as important as saving your life, saving your children’s life. The ONLY way we can save our lives is to demand change.
I will go out on a limb here and say that it’s the GMO crops, and the Aerosol spraying Programs, and other combines trace toxins in our air that contaminate the crops and the pollen they produce. That pollen is taken back to the hive where it’s processed into food. This contaminated pollen, becomes contaminated food, contaminated wax, and contaminated honey. Meanwhile the bees are living in this environment 24/7. They are dying of cancers, organ & System failure, and Immune-compromised.

Science is busy trying to cure this problem without fixing anything. They hope to adapt the toxins and the bees to a compromise. Well, not exactly, but they are working on genetics, and with chemists on bees, in Labs. What else could they be doing.

It’s simple.
SAY NO TO GMO. problem solved!