First Dog ‘Bo’ Is Flown Separately to Obama Holiday Retreat

Seriously, How many million of OUR U.S.Tax Dollars does a Monarch/Prezident have to squander before the people say enough.
Why can’t the family dog travel with the family?
Why does he pretend he cares about the economy, when he obviously treats his opulence with the best that extravagance has to offer.

First Dog ‘Bo’ Is Flown Separately to Obama Holiday Retreat.


It was a 3 Dawg night

It was a 3 Dawg night

It got cold the other night and Mollie decided she was going to cuddle to keep warm.
During the night she crawled in and snuggled good enough to find herself covered up rite between us.
I could not resist a picture.

She is a rescue dog, we have only had her for a couple months.she is 5yrs, and prolly smarter than me.. lol
My lovely wife, who has Cancer and Mollie have bonded, Mollie is a service dog in training for my wife and her cancer issues.
It is amazing how something so precious comes into your life let alone it happened to me twice…