Hypocrisy and the double standard of life (Edited)

Yes… Here it is…Raw, & uncut and without remorse.
This article is a bit over the top, but it really does hit the nail squarely on the head.
Personally I am not racist, however,,, I do not tolerate this double standard.I have found that it IS those racist folk that always play that tactic first, point and claim racism when it’s really themselves to blame.
THE USA is a big problem. It’s a cesspool of racial and religious difference, practicing to punish those that don’t conform to certain social statutes…

I don’t blame the blacks for hating white people, after all it was a continent of crackers that made black folks their slaves. Traded like cattle, and treated worse. No matter what the apology, I would not find it easy to let that go either. Sad part is, It doesn’t have to be that way. Only shallow and unintelligent creatures cannot learn from their mistakes. Why has society allowed this cruel and disrespectful treatment of fellow humans to continue into our future? Can’t you see that WE humans are still People no matter what color, what origin?

Think about this…
It’s NOT Racism UNLESS you hate them ALL
It’s OKAY to NOT LIKE someone.

What gives anyone the right to oppress, or condemn another human being?
Why has MONEY allowed society to dictate who makes the rules, who is allowed to succeed and who must fail?
I speak of Americans, because here in the USA, the people come from all walks of life, all colors, languages, and religions. WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT. but it’s those that have some kind of complex, inhibiting honest and moral thought that screw it all up for everyone.
Your family should teach you values, you respect with your heart, you hate with your mind.

Your Black Patriarch, Monarch, Deity, King, Czar, Führer, what ever you want to call him is hated because of who HE is, not what color, I don’t care that he’s black. I resent what he is doing and what he has allowed to be done to this country.
I resent his lies, his suspicious background and his ethics.
I resent his audacity to claim presidency when clearly he defies the constitution and its law.
But I do NOT resent him for being Black.
In fact, I find it sad that this nation’s first colored dictator will most likely be its last because of how Effed-up this one is. Uno, 1 rotten apple will spoil the barrel. lol. Well our govt as a whole has spoiled and should be taken out with the compost.
And,,, I’m off topic AGAIN..

Give this article a read, YA, its lewd, and rude, but it is right..
Enlighten your self.



Where In The World Is Edward Snowden? | Malcolm Out Loud TV Blog

Where In The World Is Edward Snowden? | Malcolm Out Loud TV Blog.

This guy is a HERO to the American People.
Don’t let the lying US Government, led by a Muslim/Socialist patriarch make you to believe Snowden is a Traitor.

This man exposed they government’s tyranny against the people, against the Constitution. He should be honored, a National Holiday in his honor, and the members of Govt. involved in this CRIME against the people should be burned at the steak, or spend their natural life in Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Tell the Govt the Jig is Up. Time to step down or BURN in a fire lit by the people armed with the Constitution

We REALLY do need encryption for private communications

It simply astounds me how many citizens actually think they need someone’s protection. Especially the Government’s protection. ANY Govt.
The people have forgotten what the RED in our flag stands for. The people have forgotten how to think for themselves. The people believe that their Govt. will protect them while they sit in front of the TV, munching on chemically processed food and drinks, all the while breathing in all the toxic vapors from vinyl, plastics, and electronics. We sit in traffic breathing exhaust fumes, but we ask the government for protection from second-hand cigarette smoke. The list goes on n on and takes me farther off topic..

Meanwhile, we have been fed so much male bovine excrement that we believe that they have our best interest in mind. an example is this latest NSA Garbage. In my opinion, dude is a HERO. He exposed government tyranny and crimes against the people preformed by our so-called protective government. He exposed their actions against Us, and they want him to hang.
The media plays him as a traitor. What about the Koch Bros.? They sold Uranium to Iran for crap sake!!!

NO, It’s ALL secrets, control, power & Greed…
We the People have the RIGHT to protect ourselves FROM a tyrannical Govt. Wake Up America. Please, Our lives and basic freedoms depend on it.

This is a good article and well worth the read.

We need encryption for private communications | Jeff Jarvis.

6.21.13 The Reunion

Our 10 year reunion of marriage with my wife, kids and friends.
It was indeed the best of times.
Reminds me of what we as a society have lost.  Buried deep within the concrete and steel,  the paved roads,  and our personal electronics we exist.
Dare we explore the great out doors when we can download it,  see it in 1080P and discover the sound in Full Hi-Def 10.1 digital surround.

I was lost in the madness and I still am,  but I remember nature,  I remember life,,,  I remember what it is to breath fresh air and actually talk face to face with my best of friends.  No,  they are my family.  My best family.

Get up get out, get life.


Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament – YouTube

Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament – YouTube.

This is so right-on. YES folks, Obama is NOT the President of the United States of America.
Mr. Obama is our MONARCH, and if YOU let him continue, the corporate elite and the bankers will own your soul.

We need more people of influence to expose this tyranny for what it is.

You wanna be FREE?
Then fight for it!!!

The Murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller

Notice how this video plays out one way, the public play out another.
This guy is obviously and idiot. he should have done what the cop told him to, but instead he wanted to jump around and act like a clown. His choice…
However, as soon as the Sheriff gets out of his car, he is armed, and threatening the citizen at gun point. Seriously folks, this guy is jumping around, and the cop is screaming and pointing a gun.
THEN,,, This stupid Sheriff lets this guy get his weapon from his truck, and load it…
He then confronts the dumb cop. the officer fires first, in self-defense.. YEA-RITE, he is screaming like a little school girl because he got his bluff called. He is fired upon, and flanked by the experienced citizen, who then turns for cover and reloads. Watch closely as he almost turns for his truck as he is fired upon FIRST & AGAIN by a stupid and wounded cop that should have laid there for a second longer to see what happens.
Then the citizen lays down fire and defends him self once more. The Sheriff is dead.
THEY Call it Murder, I call it a sad way to die.

OPPRESSIVE police are to blame. regardless of why this guy was pulled over, the cop should have not let this happen to him self..

Citizen under the 2nd amendment, 1
Oppressive police, 0


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911 Gun Meme.

Where I live, the average 911 call is 15 min response.
It takes me 2 seconds to pull, and fire. then the next hour relaxing from the immense adrenaline rush. and a lifetime explaining to society why you felt you were in a life and death situation and had to kill someone.

The United States of America’s FIRST homeland defense IS, our 2nd. Amendment

If society wants to make firearms illegal, then I want cars, trucks, hammers, scissors, knives etc. made just as illegal.

Guns DON’T kill, People Do!
If guns scare you, then DON’T own one! but DON’T try for 1 second to push your cowardly fascism on me or my lifestyle.. Less you may get lead poisoning…
Besides folks, Gun Control means to use BOTH hands.

Education trumps fear.. Get some!!