The End is Nigh! Or isn’t it?

The End is Nigh! Or isn't it?.

Why is is always about saving the planet? The planet will be fine, no matter what we do to it.
It’s Us, Humanity that need to be saved. Saved from ourselves, and by saving ourselves, the planet will remain inhabitable for mankind. rite?
Using the excuse to save the planet only masques the real importance of SAVING YOUR OWN LIFE. Lets not start a panic here tho, we have at least 1 generation left in us humans’ before we succeed in changing our DNA permanently through cancerous agents.
Everything we do comes back around in nature, our food, water and air are toxic, yet we believe what we are told because a news celebrity said so.
Turn OFF your TV will ya…
The Earth will be just fine unless we find some way to physically blow it to pieces, or something.
I would like to live a while, be able to breathe clean air, drink good clean water, and not have to wonder what is in my food that will cause CANCER!
Humanity is in danger, your life, mine, our children and friends. All living things are in danger. Not from just evolution where one species or another become extinct, but when the entire populations are threatened with genocide. Because we are lazy… That’s all.. Lazy Humans will be responsible for their own demise unless we can collectively pull our heads out of our butts and realize life is NOT about WHAT. It’s about HOW.
How do we SAVE OURSELVES, and thus save the planet from OUR extinction.
You cannot save the planet. We have to save ourselves.


4 thoughts on “The End is Nigh! Or isn’t it?

  1. The FBI is the federal bureau of idiots. or even worse. they try to censor anything you write by having some devil online who has the power to highlight what you write and then delete it. It is an American Government slimeball who does this. He is an uneducated person, and I have to send this now since if I don’t I risk it getting deleted momentarily.

  2. our government is the Whore of Babylon as per Revelation 17. Or Babylon’s Whore. It is also Babylon the Great – another translation of that is Babylon the Wealthy. That sounds more like us.The federal bastard agent is still messing with what I write, unfortunately. Maybe I should send this now.

    • These agents often cop an attitude I think, since they are jealous or envious. The Bible says ” Who can stand against envy?” This same agent just tried to delete what i had written. He has no imagination so he does stuff like that. But I should commiserate with him and try to encourage him to find his own niche in life, one that will do good and not evil. My right shoulder is pretty sore since back in the early 00’s an agent hit me over the head with a chair while i was sitting down in front of a 7-11 in Austin, Texas and it startled me so much (I was sleeping), that I jumped and landed on my right shoulder in the parking lot. Really ruined it and the covert doctor at the ER told me I had “arthritis” which was a joke of course and of course a deliberate lie. He, however, knew my name, and he can get told over the phone what to do. the instructions are almost always “Give him no treatment” – even if it is a life-threatening situation such as a poisoning (but I have not died from any poisoning for many years, of course, because of the Scripture “They shall drink any deadly thing and it will not hurt them.”

  3. That is a valid thing to say. if you are a “real Christian” you can get poisoned and it will not hurt you. I would bet i have gotten poisoned over 500 times with no outcome other than an upset stomach, if even that. This agent has appear a box that says “enter your comment here” even though you are in the middle of typing a comment. Will leave this since this what amounts to harassment is not very encouraging or inspiring.

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