We REALLY do need encryption for private communications

It simply astounds me how many citizens actually think they need someone’s protection. Especially the Government’s protection. ANY Govt.
The people have forgotten what the RED in our flag stands for. The people have forgotten how to think for themselves. The people believe that their Govt. will protect them while they sit in front of the TV, munching on chemically processed food and drinks, all the while breathing in all the toxic vapors from vinyl, plastics, and electronics. We sit in traffic breathing exhaust fumes, but we ask the government for protection from second-hand cigarette smoke. The list goes on n on and takes me farther off topic..

Meanwhile, we have been fed so much male bovine excrement that we believe that they have our best interest in mind. an example is this latest NSA Garbage. In my opinion, dude is a HERO. He exposed government tyranny and crimes against the people preformed by our so-called protective government. He exposed their actions against Us, and they want him to hang.
The media plays him as a traitor. What about the Koch Bros.? They sold Uranium to Iran for crap sake!!!

NO, It’s ALL secrets, control, power & Greed…
We the People have the RIGHT to protect ourselves FROM a tyrannical Govt. Wake Up America. Please, Our lives and basic freedoms depend on it.

This is a good article and well worth the read.

We need encryption for private communications | Jeff Jarvis.


One thought on “We REALLY do need encryption for private communications

  1. The Federal Bastards of the Iniquity just erased, highlighted and deleted, what I wrote since I dared blaspheme the name of this Government which respects no one unless they are brown nosers and sucks up to them. The FBI is worthless. It commits more crimes than it solves or prevents. it even tortures people using microwaves through lights or through your floor. it does this trying to make you a cripple. If your feet get numb, it is most likely because of the microwave torture They call it harassment. They can also torture you through your mattress if it is a special kind which the military mass produces, apparently. They did this to me for years, until last May when I got a normal mattress made in this country. I never know when this joker is going to highlight and delete what I have written, so I better post it.

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