The Murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller

Notice how this video plays out one way, the public play out another.
This guy is obviously and idiot. he should have done what the cop told him to, but instead he wanted to jump around and act like a clown. His choice…
However, as soon as the Sheriff gets out of his car, he is armed, and threatening the citizen at gun point. Seriously folks, this guy is jumping around, and the cop is screaming and pointing a gun.
THEN,,, This stupid Sheriff lets this guy get his weapon from his truck, and load it…
He then confronts the dumb cop. the officer fires first, in self-defense.. YEA-RITE, he is screaming like a little school girl because he got his bluff called. He is fired upon, and flanked by the experienced citizen, who then turns for cover and reloads. Watch closely as he almost turns for his truck as he is fired upon FIRST & AGAIN by a stupid and wounded cop that should have laid there for a second longer to see what happens.
Then the citizen lays down fire and defends him self once more. The Sheriff is dead.
THEY Call it Murder, I call it a sad way to die.

OPPRESSIVE police are to blame. regardless of why this guy was pulled over, the cop should have not let this happen to him self..

Citizen under the 2nd amendment, 1
Oppressive police, 0


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2 thoughts on “The Murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller

  1. You are letting your own personal biases distort your analysis of the video.

    The deputy did not come out of the car with his gun drawn as you stated. The officer put his hand on his gun when the killer started approaching aggressively.

    The incident basically started off as a low to unknown risk speeding stop (he was clocked at 98mph late at night indicative of a DUI), bad guy gives off one major threat indicator (hidden hands), then refuses to comply (another threat indicator), then charges at the deputy (major threat indicator), then a tertiary threat indicator (projection in statement “why don’t you just shoot me now”).

    Condition yellow situation + four threat indicators.

    Look at it from a civilian’s perspective.

    You are carrying concealed in a parking lot.

    A guy approaches you with one of his hands behind his back (indicator of hiding a weapon).

    His walk becomes quicker as he moves towards you while checking his rear left and rear right. That is two more threat indicators.

    You see the hand he has hidden slide out to reveal the hilt of a machete…

    You get ready to draw from concealment to shoot.

    It isn’t much different.

  2. It’s VERY Different.
    I would have shot him the FIRST instant I saw the weapon he went to his truck, loaded, and brandished, before he was able to defend himself from an over adrenalin saturated cop, that FROZE, and got himself shot because of it.
    The officer had several opportunities to have saved his life, yet he chose none of them.

    I am an active shooter, several hundred rounds a month. IF I pull my weapon, something or someone gets lead poisoning and a big friggin hole blown in it.

    That would NOT have happened to anyone that really understood how to protect themselves and to responsibly carry a firearm..

    There are several options he could have used BEFORE he pulled the firearm that he wasn’t able to use properly to save his life.
    My last comment on this. Sheriff screwed up and died. end of subject.

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