911 Gun Meme.

Where I live, the average 911 call is 15 min response.
It takes me 2 seconds to pull, and fire. then the next hour relaxing from the immense adrenaline rush. and a lifetime explaining to society why you felt you were in a life and death situation and had to kill someone.

The United States of America’s FIRST homeland defense IS, our 2nd. Amendment

If society wants to make firearms illegal, then I want cars, trucks, hammers, scissors, knives etc. made just as illegal.

Guns DON’T kill, People Do!
If guns scare you, then DON’T own one! but DON’T try for 1 second to push your cowardly fascism on me or my lifestyle.. Less you may get lead poisoning…
Besides folks, Gun Control means to use BOTH hands.

Education trumps fear.. Get some!!


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