20 Amazing Honey Bee Facts!

20 Amazing Honey Bee Facts!.

The tiny little bee, an insect that many people fear, kill, and run from. Bees Honey Bees in general are generally non-aggressive, until you upset them by invasion of some kind.

Bee’s are such a major contributor to our life, they go un-noticed as they pollinate flowers and trees, the plants we eat from are pollinate by bees. if the bee was no longer doing it’s job, there is a good chance that every species of life on this planet could suffer.

Saving the bee’s is as important as saving your life, saving your children’s life. The ONLY way we can save our lives is to demand change.
I will go out on a limb here and say that it’s the GMO crops, and the Aerosol spraying Programs, and other combines trace toxins in our air that contaminate the crops and the pollen they produce. That pollen is taken back to the hive where it’s processed into food. This contaminated pollen, becomes contaminated food, contaminated wax, and contaminated honey. Meanwhile the bees are living in this environment 24/7. They are dying of cancers, organ & System failure, and Immune-compromised.

Science is busy trying to cure this problem without fixing anything. They hope to adapt the toxins and the bees to a compromise. Well, not exactly, but they are working on genetics, and with chemists on bees, in Labs. What else could they be doing.

It’s simple.
SAY NO TO GMO. problem solved!


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