Jeff Merkley Pushes ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Repeal

Jeff Merkley Pushes 'Monsanto Protection Act' Repeal.

I am NOT a Huffington Post reader, too much like the Onion for my reading pleasure however…
I live in Oregon, another effed up political venue but non-the-less it’s where I must live for now.
Jeff Merkley has surprised me on this one, other talks he gave me the impression that BIG MONEY and Social Standing was his focus.
Obviously besides acting on the irrelevant issues the little people of this state feel necessary to ensure a fascist social environment he can also exert the ability to do something rite.

Regardless, YOU should demand GMO Labeling..
Boycott Monsanto
Impeach Obama
Charge the Koch Brothers with Treason, then SHOOT THEM!


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