The Pet Poisoner Next Door | Speakeasy Science

I myself am an animal lover, and I get very upset at humans with no respect for life.
On the other hand, I live where cats run amok like they own my property. It’s frustrating to know there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO because cat owners are ABOVE THE LAW. They get a cute little kitten and when it grows up, it’s put outside and a new kitten is brought home, rinse and repeat. New laws don’t need to be made, just old laws made to be enforced, and equal to all people.
I get so mad and the first thing I feel is retaliation toward the animal,, YA,, we all will feel that feeling but it all boils down to how you react. my next thought goes to some non lethal means to scare the hell out of it so it wont come back,, NOPE, that may not be legal either.
So after some calm thought you too can come to the conclusion that, like children. It all starts at home! That’s rite, if the pet is a problem, then the pet owner is too. In conclusion, I need to somehow, make the pet owner responsible for his/her animal’s intrusion upon my property and lifestyle. That’s fair! Fair to all parties including the animal that did NOT have to be harmed. Maybe it’s as simple as returning the animal, trapped in a live trap of course. Or calling animal control to pick that animal up after it’s trapped (ALIVE).
Be SURE you know the laws in your area, although they are NOT FAIRLY BALANCED, you will need to keep YOUR rear out of trouble.
Personally, If you can get away with it, paint it with a paint-ball gun, and when confronted by the pet owner, you can paint that asshole too! send them both home to cry in the milk.

The Pet Poisoner Next Door | Speakeasy Science.


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