Home Town Rip-Off

Home Town Rip-Off

4 bucks for a large order of Tater-Tots. Actually, It’s the only size you can get, and NOW you only get a pre-portioned amount.
There are 20 Tots in that bowl, that’s .20 cents per Tot.
Pop’s Branding Iron Restaurant/Bar, Albany Oregon. It’s been there for ages, open all night and the coffee is GOOD!
but the owner of this establishment is a MONEY GRUBBER, He supports Tax Breaks for the Rich, and gouges the wallets of the locals that put him on the map..
I detest this kind of capitalism, It’s one thing to make a profit, it’s another to make that profit so important that morals and honesty go out the window.
I would expect this from a large chain restaurant, NOT a hometown family place.


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